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Our ISO certifications for your security.

Acceleris AG – and therefore NUBIQ as well – was one of the first companies in Switzerland to receive the ISO 27018 certification. The newly released standard was conceived for data security in the cloud. This award confirms that customer data stored with Acceleris AG is also extremely well protected in the cloud. This translates into the following benefits for you. An independent security company regularly audits our cloud services. Data transfers are encrypted. You can access your data at any time and you always have the option to delete or modify your data. All the relevant subcontracting relationships are disclosed before the contract is concluded, together with a list of all the countries where the data is processed. All employees in direct contact with customer data have signed a confidentiality agreement. You can be sure that all the relevant data protection laws and regulations will be complied with under Swiss law at all times. The entire Acceleris cloud infrastructure is based in Switzerland.


Data protection is a key concern for Acceleris AG and is treated as a top priority. Employees at Acceleris AG are regularly informed and trained regarding updates to data protection legislation, incl. the GDPR. Each employee is required to comply with the legal standards governing data protection in Switzerland (DPA and regulations) and, if applicable, in the EU (GDPR), at all times. Customer data is always treated as confidential and personal data is only processed under contractual agreement. Furthermore, administrators responsible for data protection have clearly assigned roles within the company and act as contacts for customers and employees. The security of the data and information is checked regularly through external penetration tests and an annual external ISO Information Security Audit (ISO 27001 and 27018). These external testing bodies have been attesting to Acceleris AG’s high level of customer data protection for many years.


Acceleris AG was awarded the following ISO certifications: