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NUBIQ PaaS comes in different shapes and sizes. Our PaaS layer is based on Red Hat’s OpenShift. If you cannot find the package you want below, we can discuss your plans with you.

Our off-the-shelf packages are listed below (prices do not include VAT). Find one that suits you and get started:





Our packages contain everything you need for your projects: cores, memory, disk and much more. You can open up to 10 projects at the same time in our OpenShift portal. If you want to know exactly what you get with OpenShift, you can find more information here:


Tools & Services


In addition to cores, memory and disk, each package also contains our support services. You can find out more about our support here. You don’t have enough space or you have more than 10 projects in mind? Just contact us, if you need more or something else – we will find a solution.

NUBIQ IaaS and SaaS

We will gladly answer any enquiries you may have concerning the pricing for NUBIQ IaaS and SaaS. You can contact us using our contact form. Simply click the button below and send us a message: