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In addition to NUBIQ as a cloud platform, you also have access to an extensive range of services, so you have every angle covered. If you are unable to find what you need, contact us and we will draw up a customised solution together.


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NUBIQ PaaS is an open source platform built on Red Hat’s OpenShift, the most up-to-date and all-encompassing container platform that is now available with Docker and Kubernetes technology. Our Platform-as-a-Service solution provides you with a complete environment in which you can develop and provide your web-based software. With the support of the DevOps concept, you will be able to develop applications quicker and of a greater quality. If you are interested, contact us using our contact form via the link at the bottom of this page. Expect the following sections and further tools on our platform:


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NUBIQ IaaS is also an open source platform and the infrastructure is based completely on Red Hat’s OpenStack technology, making it as software defined as possible. OpenStack is the most advanced, fully automated IaaS platform available today. It offers the fast and fully automated deployment of servers within minutes, complete control over the resources used, and an integrated capacity management system. If you are interested in working with NUBIQ IaaS, we would love to hear from you.



Would you like to outsource your IT infrastructure and all the associated admin jobs so you can focus on your core competencies? NUBIQ can make this possible for you as well. If you are interested in using NUBIQ SaaS, we would love to hear from you.